Shopping at Wolf Mattress comes with a guarantee. Everything you buy from our website, or straight from our factory supplier, is made in the United States. And trust us, it always will be.

Within the USA, we’re a well established company. Wolf Mattress has been operating now for 150 years. That’s a lengthy history of relying on and being part of the American supply chain. We’ve come so far with our business model and that’s not something we’re going to compromise on in the future.

In that time, we’ve designed and refined our mattress making process, meaning all of our customers will receive a mattress made from a long, tried and tested formula. We’re certain you’re going to be happy with the mattress you receive.

But if you’re unhappy? You can make use of our 101 night home trial. All customers that purchase one of our mattresses made right here in the USA are eligible for an exchange or a refund if they’re not happy. That’s just one of our American-made guarantees.

But don’t just take our word for it – check out our history for yourself down below

Wolf Mattress: An American History

Established in 1873, Wolf Mattress has been making foam mattresses right here in the USA ever since. In that time we’ve worked with various American suppliers and other American businesses, championing our local and national spirit. We’re actually the 4th oldest mattress maker in the entire country.

We’re a family owned, American company that has moved with the times. The products we make provide the ultimate comfort for your night’s sleep. After all, we’ve seen how mattresses have changed over the years.

We’ve participated as they’ve become more comfortable, healthier for patrons, and as the general shape and feel of them has evolved.

These days, our mattresses are made with the latest US technology. This means our materials are of the highest quality, including the foam, gels, hypoallergenic, and various cooling sheets we use in the makeup of all our products.

Our Promise

At Wolf Mattress, we’re keen to be different. We believe in a promise of quality. To ensure this, we follow a clear process throughout the entirety of our production chain.

To start with, we source all materials from inside the USA. Like we mentioned above, we’re always interested in supporting other American companies and working closely with them to strengthen the local chain of commerce.

How does this make us different?

The majority of online retailers work with overseas factories and ship their product inland. However, we make and deliver everything within the United States. It ensures our mattresses are delivered fresh, and not bent out of shape from being held inside a shipping container for months on end.

Every single foam mattress sold on our website is made in the USA. In fact, the mattresses aren’t made until they’ve actually been bought! This keeps our products affordable, ethical, and ready for use as soon as one arrives at your home.

Each mattress is made for you by your country. Buying from us means supporting the American economy.

Finally, our supply chain is small. With our foam mattresses made in the USA, they go from us to your door. It works this way because we believe in the ultimate convenience for our customers, and that means your order will get to you quickly.

How does this make us different?

Want to Know More?

We’re committed to bringing you the best in the sleep sector. If you want to know more about designing your bedroom for ultimate comfort, following a healthy night time routine, and other American businesses we’re proud to work with, we’ve got the inside scoop.

We’re more than happy to let you know how we work, what we offer, and provide insider tips and tricks for getting the best night’s sleep on one of our mattresses. Read our blog to learn more.

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And we want to reiterate our promise one last time. Everything we make has been made in the USA and that’s never going to change. When you buy from Wolf Mattress, you can rest assured (literally!) that you’ll catch those Zzs on an American made mattress – sweet dreams!